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Palestinians attacking Israeli army attacking Tamil news dubai
illegally staying emirate ordered leave country Tamil news
spot fine transport driving orders new rules Lankan traffic police
Saudi Joint Chiefs Operations seize main airport Yemen Tamil news
cleaning makka mosque sacred school 10 minutes mildeleast
Complete Details Action Changes Emirate Visa Laws midleeast
Saudi initiative campaign targeting Ramadan food waste
International Court Justice case Qatar
10 civilians killed government air strikes Syria tamilnews
festival holiday Dubai metro bus tram ferry transportation notice Hours
Eid holidays government employees UAE announced midleeast Tamil news
Message story Prophet Muhammad show UAE Theaters midleeast Tamil news
Taliban terrorists attacked Afghanistan midleeast Tamil news
Hassan Ruhani denounced US cause everything Mideast
Online trade Afghanistan increasing Mideast Tamil news
Two killed missile attack Saudi Arabia Mideast Tamil news
Announce Eid Vacations Mideast news
tamilnews Qatar regain self production middle east growing
Russian warplanes bomb blast Syria Tamil news
3 Palestinians killed Israeli military operation Tamil news
chaos lasts Iraq election parliament ordered the re vote count