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Author: Tamil

France introduce new_type taxi travel water
50 percentage discount Ile-de-France Mobilités travellers
19 year old girl made car accident France Monteton road
130 protesters arrested frontt Arago
no plan fix poor suburbs Macron said
French President Emmanuel Macron has said he would not announce a new plan to fix the country's poor suburbs but rather called on France’s biggest companies to do their part to combat discrimination and poverty. The French president said the country’s top corporations and vast state sector would be scrutinised for their employment and diversity hiring in the next three years.
9 French unions protests- strikes
18 year old girl try escape prison
France president macron plan againstt drug trafficking
France arrested person drive car fast
shooting happen France Marseille
Person attacked man badly France Rue Claude-Monet
Marseille town selected world’s greenest city
flight cancelled today due_to union strike
Euro 2016 attacker jailed 6 years Ukraine
Nice University President warned particular student
French people majority againstt rail strike
Bulgaria man arrested Saint-Charles
41 year old man kill France Romainville grocery shop
French minister warns Italy
12 youths attack- kill person
Director Luc Besson raped young Actress
Marseille police arrested man explosive device
2018 Cannes film festival awards
Paris knife attack related 2 ladies released
boulevard Poniatowski Fire- tram services affected
17-year-old awarded doctorate- guinness world record
France celebrate Mullivaikal Civil war remembrance event 2018
2 Egyptians arrested related France terrorist attack
Nice En-Nour mosque case dismissed