“No one can destroy UNP ” says Sujeewa

Local Government Election UNP Winning Chance

( Local Government Election UNP Winning Chance )

State Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe says no individual will be able to destroy the United National Party.

Speaking at a rally in Puttalam State Minister Senasinghe said a favourable environment prevails at present, for UNP victory at the 2018 Local Government Election.

He claimed that DS Senanayake and the other founders of the party initiated the party with a strong foundation adding therefore the United National Party will always be strong.

The Minister stressed even if the President attacks the UNP the party is strong enough to stand back up.

Minister Senasinghe stated that certain parties are attempting to steal the 1/8th of the government’s power owned by the UNP adding that the UNP will not fall and nobody will be able to discourage the UNP base.

The Minister meanwhile claimed while the UNP was only able to win 1100 seats from 4400 available seats during the previous Local Government Election the party will be able to win more than 6000 seats out of a total of 8400 seats.


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