Arrogant Lady says She is a Sinhalese and She Does not want to show her NIC (Viral Video)

Wellawatta Lodge Sinhala Lady fight Video

Wellawatta Lodge Sinhala Lady fight Video

A video which purportedly shows an argument between a Tamil speaking man and a Sinhala lady has since gone viral.

The location of the incident is said to be a lodge in Wellawatta.

A lady who has come to a lodge owned by a Tamil speaking man, has been asked her NIC for the registration purpose but she has refused to show her ID card saying that she is a Sinhalese.

After knowing that the owner is Tamil, the lady has said ; ” This is a Sinhala Country, I am a Sinhalese, Why should I show my ID card”.

Angered by the racist reply of the lady, the owner of the lodge has replied the lady in Sinhala.

Watch Here:


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