Lesser electoral violence in Jaffna – women’s contribution is high – Keerti Tennakoon

Lesser electoral violence Jaffna women contribution high Keerti Tennakoon

(Lesser electoral violence Jaffna women contribution high Keerti Tennakoon)

Leader of the People’s Movement for Freedom and Justice, Keerthi Tennakoon said that women’s participation in the Northern province is very high and the election violence is very low in the Jaffna district.

The workshop on the local council election legislation amendments to the women’s representatives yesterday.

He then said this during a press conference.

He further stated that when compared with the population of the Northern Province, the representation of women is high.

Compared to other provinces of the election situation, in the Northern Province and in Jaffna There are very few electoral violence in the district.

During the past elections, Jaffna We have seen a lot of violence in the district.

Jaffna is the area where the military intervention is very high.

We have provided a way to conduct a fair election even during the threat.

During election campaigns, complaints from other districts were reported to have been distributed to the voters in the distribution of dry food to the public, but it was observable that the complaints from the Northern Province were very low.

This time poll violence Because the district is less likely, the honor must reach the candidates who contest the election.

The Buddhist monks in the south have stated that they should not vote for parties supporting the Constitution. In Puttalam district, 54% are female voters.

This new Electoral Law is not enough to carry out election campaigns against anyone.

Therefore, Keerthi Tennakoon noted that this election law was set up for an election not comprising racialism and communalism and was confident that the election for the entire development project.

(Lesser electoral violence Jaffna women contribution high Keerti Tennakoon)

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