Ameer Ali’s illusion ends with this election: Rauf Hakeem Vulner

Ameer Ali illusion ends local election Rauf Hakeem Vulner

(Ameer Ali illusion ends local election Rauf Hakeem Vulner)

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader and Minister Rauf Hakeem has vowed that this will be an end to the election of the United National Party, as Amir Ali has influence.

We have now created the atmosphere to Win Oddamavadi Pradeshiya Sabha.

The UNP and the double flag should be defeated in the wake of the ban.

The Minister said this while addressing the People’s Meet, headed by Kalkuda Organizer, after opening the election campaign offices of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress candidates to the Kollaypattu West Pradeshiya Sabha (Independence group).

Minister Rauf Hakeem said, Amir Ali survived by a few hundred votes because he had contested the Muslim Congress in the last parliamentary election.

In the Kalkudah constituency, the Muslim Congress saw a major advance in the election.

If Bazir Seguthwut has not given the national list three times for he screams against the leader.

Similarly, Hassan Ali has twice received a list of national titles and has been inconvenient for the third time.

(Ameer Ali illusion ends local election Rauf Hakeem Vulner)

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