Helen Mirren Proves Age Is Just A Number – Topless Pose

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Helen Mirren Poses Topless

She’s one of the biggest names in Hollywood, with 50 years of acting experience under her belt.

And now Dame Helen Mirren opened up about being called a sex-symbol at 72, and why she wants to be 30 again, to Rhapsody magazine.

The Red star stunned in a the gorgeous photo-shoot, in which she showcased her impressive figure in a jaw-dropping sequin dress, and even saw her go topless for a poolside picture.

The Academy Award winner posed seductively in a figure-hugging emerald dress, adorned with sequins that cinched in every curve.

In another eye-catching shot, Helen strips off in the pool, with only the water to cover her up in the sophisticated black and white snap.

Her signature short blonde cropped do’ effortless demonstrated her impressive bone structure and enviable jawline.

In another, Helen kept it simple in a crisp white button-up shirt, which complemented her porcelain skin to perfection.

Proving age is just a number, The Queen star dazzled in a luxurious leopard print coat and killer black studded heels as she basked in the sunlight against a vintage black car.

Finding the balance was key for Helen, who swapped her jaw-dropping look for a more demur midnight dress, with delicately draped detailing and a fresh-faced nude face, along with softer swept tresses.

The acting veteran, who rocked a gorgeous crisp white jumpsuit and contrasting black fedroa in one photo, talked openly with the mag about how it felt to be a sex-symbol at the age of 72.

Saying she finally came to terms with the idea that she’s the object of desire, Helen said: ‘I’ve had to come to terms with it over a long period of time, luckily it’s fading now.

However, while still dealing with the sex-symbol notion, Helen confessed it wasn’t something that came naturally, even going so far to say it was ‘unpleasant’.

She said: ‘It’s rather ghastly isn’t it, the thought of all these weird strangers. I’ve always found it a very tacky and unpleasant tag but it’s one I had to kind of grit my teeth and bear for a long time.’

The BAFTA award winner, who has been married to director Taylor Hackford for 20 years, also said that despite the sex symbol status at the age of 72, the opportunities afforded to younger women is something she much aspires to.

Surprisingly, Helen confessed: ‘I do wish I was 30 now, not because I wish I was 30! Not that, but I want to have more of my life in the world we’re going to have for the next 40 or 50 years for women, I just want to experience this world as a younger person.

The outspoken star was herself 30 when she said she finally felt confident in her own skin, saying that during her 20s, she felt she was ‘too curvy’.

‘I just relaxed into who I was, it was never going to change, I wasn’t suddenly overnight going to becoming something else’ she added.

Source: Dailymail

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