Raghava Lawrence all set to become a politician

Raghava Lawrence enter become politician

(Raghava Lawrence enter become politician)

The choreographer, director and actor Raghava Lawrence could well take a plunge into politics.

He had participated in the week-long pro-Jallikkattu protest in Chennai.

He is a big fan of Rajinikanth and the actor Lawrence also recently wished Superstar on his political entry.

Following Superstar Rajinikanth’s announcement recently, the multi-talented film personality is ready to announce his own politicle entry on january 4th, he will do it at a press meet.

Today, Raghava Lawrence’s spokes person officially announced that the actor will be a soldier to Rajinikanth.

Announcing his political entry, Superstar Rajinikanth said that he want soldiers for his political party and not mere followers.

Rajinikanth said “I’m in need of soldiers who help me to achieve our goals for the betterment of the people”.

Raghava Lawrence will be meeting the media on Thursday to reveal more details on how he will be supporting Superstar Rajinikanth’s political party.

The king of goodwill lawrence enjoys in the Telugu States as well as Tamil Nadu is noteworthy.

Known for his philanthropic activities as a Rajinikanth follower, he is also seen as a role model for coming up in life from a humber background, that too by batting all odds.

Last year, he had stated that if he enters politics and contest elections, all the candidateds of his party will be only youngsters.

(Raghava Lawrence enter become politician)

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