Premier League : Manchester United escaped from defeat

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Manchester United escaped

The Manchester United team levelled the score at the last moment in the match against Burnley that held in England on the boxing day.

It started very interestingly, from the very beginning of the tournament, the Burnley team dominated the game. They scored two goals in the first half and played defensively not allowing other team to score.

In the 3rd minute of the tournament, Burnley team’s Barnes scored the first goal to lead the team and then on the 36th-minute Steven Defour scored the second goal and raised the team’s score to two.

The Manchester United team started the 2nd half without any score and secured a goal in the beginning of the second half. This has changed the score table to 2-1. This goal was scored on the 53rd minute by Jesse Lingard.

Then on the given extra minute Jesse Lingard scored the 2nd goal for Manchester United team and equalized the match in the last minute.

By equalizing this match, the Manchester United team scored 43 points and retained the second position in the statistics.

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Shoaib Malik smashes six sixes in an over; Azam scored a century in 26 balls  <= click here for more

Although this tournament was not arranged by the ICC, many of the leading players participated in the tournament. In yesterday’s match, SAF Red and SAF Green teams played.

This match is a 10-overs tournament, therefore there were so many exciting moments.

It should be said that the two leading Pakistan players have increased this thrill.

In the yesterday’s match, SAF red team started the first batting and Shoaib Malik gave awesome hits to Barbar Azam’s ball.

Shoaib Malik had no mercy and he smashed Azam for six sixes in a single over…..



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