Muslim Congress wants number of provincial council members increased


The number of provincial council members should be increased by 40% , Muslim Congress Emphasis to the Commission. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has urged the Provincial Councils Commission to increase the number of members of the provincial councils by 40 percent in each district under the new electoral system.

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress General Secretary – Nizam Kariyappar and MPs attorney MHM Salman today Presented the proposal on behalf  of the  party to the Provincial Councils Committee. This session is held in the Colombo office of the Commission.

When we asked about this from Sri Lankan Muslim Congress General Secretary, Mr. Nizam Kariyappar, “In 1987, when provincial councils were introduced, the number of members was determined by the1981 census. Our country’s population has almost doubled since thirty years have passed.

The Commissioner of Elections can issue a Gazette notification to increase members the periodically asa member for of every 40,000 population under the Third Section of Provincial Councils Act. According to that basis commissioner Election Commissioner in 2004 by issued a Gazette mentioning the numbers of member for each Provincial Council. But this gazette was banned by  then president.

If that ban is removed, the Election Commissioner can determine the number of members according to the current population. At the same time, the representation of the minorities in the provincial councils will be reduced according to the new electoral amendment. To remedy this number of Provinces should be increased

If the numbers of province are increased the member number will also be increased. For this reason we put forward our above proposal.

We believe that if our idea is accepted and come into force, we can safeguard the representation of Muslims living outside the eastern province,” said Nisam Kariyappar.


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